The Asia Internet Coalition (the “AIC”) welcomes corporations, trade associations, non-profit organizations and businesses to work with us, to advance policy issues that affect the Internet economy in Asia Pacific.

Please click here for a copy of the AIC Member and Friend Application Form.

There are 2 possible categories of participation: Members and Friends.


1. Members

The AIC welcomes any corporation with an Internet-related business in at least two locations in Asia Pacific to join us as Members.  The AIC seeks to grow our membership base to reflect the wide-range of Internet-related businesses that operate in Asia Pacific.  In paying an annual membership fee, AIC Members will participate in AIC general meetings and be involved in charting AIC’s policy directions.

2. Friends

The AIC welcomes any local business, non-profit organisation, trade association or industry co-operative in the Asia Pacific region which is making great use of the Internet to grow its business or an interest in jointly promoting the understanding and resolution of Internet policy issues in Asia Pacific to become a Friend. There is no fee to become a Friend but (unlike AIC Members) Friends will not get to participate in AIC general meetings nor be involved in charting AIC’s policy directions.